A Sweet Presence.

A Sweet Presence

I find the way you show presence is sweet. You are there and you want to be. In a unique way in which he remembers at the same time he is remembered, as if to say hi, I’m here, see? While whispering, I haven’t forgotten you, but not in words, with affection. Various forms of affection. This is so beautiful and so unique, that maybe it makes you a more captivating being. Despite your low self-esteem, people don’t see you with your hazy, grayish glasses.

Your way of remembering: A song in the middle of the day. Songs that say a lot that I wanted to say, because after all you communicate between the lines (while I communicate between the lines, dots and words). A playlist you like and says a little more about you. A video of something we have in common to simply show you what I remembered or let’s laugh or argue about it. Audios and more audios, which is something we are adept at. An openness, trust and storytelling I haven’t seen in a long time.

Sweet Presence

sweet presence
In the distance I can feel
With puritanical winds and blows
Your sweet presence fades away
As in the dawn of the dawn of the oceans
The Blue Drop of Death Valley
Turn the sky into eternal darkness
By day hope springs to the north
At night the darkness is exacerbated
Sadness hurts like life
Joy belongs only to the rare scenarios
Hope keeps my soul lit
Stubborn to accept icy, your departure
No more will I mourn in the imaginary fields
In the silence of the deserted angel and his sad face

Pass security. Pass tranquility. It passes the simplicity of letting things flow and happen. It’s about enjoying the process. Sweet and beautiful.

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