I found myself

I found myself and I keep finding myself. I confess that from time to time there are some disagreements followed by intense side effects of not taking my dose of self-love and autonomy.

When came back to myself, and when I come back I’m reborn. As the French would say petite mort, small deaths. For it is a dying and being reborn day after day. You know what is more curious, and even poetic? Petite mort is also slang for orgasms. So I make the perfect connection here, these little deaths and rebirths make me enjoy life and enjoy myself. The orgasm of finding yourself and loving yourself like never before.

It’s scary to find yourself because we can always get lost, and forget the way home. I use the word home because the deepest core of our being is our home. There are times when this house is a mess or even dark and undefined, and other times when there are cracks in the lights and the mess starts to organize itself… But we can’t forget that it’s our home and it’s nice to live there. Of course, we can travel to other homes, stay a few days at our house, forget a little about the busy days, but deep down you know that you will never really get lost.

The most terrible thing that can happen is to lose yourself in order to find yourself. Encounters and disagreements. Deaths and Rebirths. Lost and found. Until the moment that this home will be the most pleasant place to find.

As Marina Sena would say: I came back to myself.

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